Resident madwoman!

Resident madwoman!

Hi there!

First of all: I am a madwoman. Just wanted to make that clear.

My home is Columbus, Ohio. It's a great city - good food (home of Jeni's ice cream, whoo!) and LOTS of interesting places to explore.

I am an unapologetic, absolute, 100% nerd. When I get excited, I get loud. Way loud. And I get very, VERY excited about my favorite things. What can I say?  Costumes, cartoons, and Star Wars are just too fun to give up!

Ever since I was a little kid in pigtails and dinosaur t-shirts, I wanted to grow up and be a story teller. I devoured books and filled enough sketchpads to start my own library. I don't draw as much now, but I think six-year-old me would still be pleased!

Superpower: The ability to talk people into crazy projects.

Currently reading: Game of Thrones for the third or fourth time!

Currently dancing to: Tegan and Sara and Frank Sinatra