• Starring… YOU! - With an appointment, you invest in your work and make sure it gets the attention it deserves! No need to fret about whether you will have ANY shots - you're covered!

  • Details Big and Small - This time is dedicated to YOU! This is your time to get the shots you’re dreaming of! I take detail shots as well as full-body. You'll have plenty to choose from. Also, I will find a great location/ lighting that fits your costume!

  • Posing Assistance - Worried how to pose? Afraid the photographer doesn’t know your series? Never fear! I understand the unique needs of a cosplayer - You poured blood, sweat, and tears into this outfit. Years of shooting portraits gives me a deep well of poses and ideas to draw on. Also, before the shoot, I research each series to make sure I understand the character and the show.

  • Pro Editing - This is not a Flickr dump where even the bad, blinking shots get posted online. You deserve the BEST images, which is why after a shoot I use Lightroom and Photoshop to select and perfect the final images. You look amazing - and I’ll make sure the photos do too! 

  • Easy Delivery of Final Images
    I will send the final images (usually 10 - 15 high-quality shots) at web resolution in an easy-to-download link,  2-3 weeks after con. Easy. No searching, no resizing necessary - all you have to do is kick back and know you looked great!

Cosplay Shoot
Starts at $75 for Columbus
(Live in another city?

I travel - let's talk!)

Convention Shoot
Varies by event, usually starts at $60

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