3 Reasons I Love Small Cons!

Those who know me know I LOVE "Local."

Whether it's weird yet awesome shops or ice cream, there's just so much pride in saying "Yes, that is from MY town!"
I feel like one of the cool kids, being "in the know!"
(Do the cool kids still say that? Pretend they do, okay?)

It's the same for cons. Oh, giant events are a blast, but my FAVORITE con of the year had less then 1000 people in 2013.

Why is that a good thing? Read on!

1 - Room to breathe!

Big cons mean big crowds. You will never see everything. It's easy to get lost, frustrated, and where's the food court again?! Popular photoshoot areas (like Katsucon's gazebo) practically need reservations.

With smaller events, it's easier to get a lay of the land, and scout out new and interesting places! (And if it's in a State Park like Midoricon, EXCELLENT!)

2013-0194-Midoricon 2013-CT-09-2013 (111 of 1217)-Edit.jpg

2 - Play the game!

Established events like ACEN and Dragon*Con, are pretty set in their ways. They run like clockwork, and it's hard to break in. Panelists are often professionals, and it feels like you have no voice.

Want to spread the love and knowledge? Got a killer idea? Try a local con. (Live Action Mario Kart anyone?)

Don't like how things are run? Change comes from the ground level! Volunteer. Submit a panel. Join the Artist's group. (I know I enjoy seeing what Matsuricon cooks up every year!)

3 - Meet the locals (make new friends!)

With small cons, you will find yourselves running into familiar faces. This is how I built my con family, by attending small events like A&G Ohio (My first con out of Columbus, all the way in exotic Cincinnati!) Having a local group of friends is great for this hobby - you can bounce ideas off each other, and even hang out (gasp) OUTSIDE of cons!

2013-0185-Matsuricon 2013-CT-08-2013 (719 of 1260).jpg


Photoshoot Love for the Locals!

My big cons book up WAY in advance. I like hitting local cons because

A.) I adore my regular Locals and like giving them a chance for more one-on-one time!
B.) Best way to meet newbies! A lot of beginners start out at smaller events, which is great!

A&G Ohio (Photoshoots now booking!)

What about you? What's your favorite con?
Do you prefer big or small? Share in the comments!

Cosplayer Credit:

Anne as Xianghua, Soul Calibur - Midoricon
Abby as Caliborn, Homestuck - Matsuricon
Allison as Payne, FFXIII - A&G Ohio
Sara and Mitch as Meg and George, Paperman - Matsuricon

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