Chop chop! 7 Things To Do Before Your Next Con!

Time for con! I have the car gassed up, camera charged, we are READY! Except for...Makeup wipes. DARN IT! I forget these EVERY time!

There's always something small we forget, isn't there? Do yourself a favor before your next event and take care of these little things right now!

2014-006-Katsucon (1099 of 1650).jpg
  • Restock makeup
    (hairspray, foundation, makeup wipes, hairpins...)

  • Restock sewing/ repair supplies
    (glue sticks, safety pins, tape, etc.)

  • Restock travel First Aid kit
    (painkillers, cold medicine, Band-Aids - If you don't have one, even a basic Ziploc will do!)

  • Buy snacks
    (granola bars and trail mix keep well - buy a bunch at once and use over several cons!)

  • Charge batteries
    (Charge again before con, but this way you've got some juice ready!)
  • Comb out your wigs
    (On the list because I HATE this part!)
  • Arrange pet care
    (Send your pet somewhere fun too! Or at least have plenty of treats...)

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