Reader Question: Favorite thing to shoot?

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"What's your favorite thing to shoot?"

What a fun question! Maybe the inquirer was wondering if I would name a favorite series, or say something like "costumes" or "puppies." But it's as simple and complicated as this:

A Story.

In photographs, I want a story. The setting, the person, their outfit - my goal, ultimately, is to make something believable and unbelievable, that the image came from a movie, a book, a different universe. To get outside of reality, even if it's just for a second.

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Sometimes it takes months of planning to get this kind of image. (Bioshock at Union Terminal)  Others are happy accidents (a helicopter landing in a nearby parking lot.)

How to describe it? It's like a shock. A sudden flash of Yes perfect right there. It's not so much inspiration as finally fitting together puzzle pieces. How satisfying it is, when to get that last snap in place and the whole images is laid out before you.

You will know when I get this kind of image. I go giddy, bouncing with the biggest smile plasters across my face. ("Guys you HAVE to see this!")

Midoricon 09 12 CTgraphy (668 of 1084).jpg

So: A Story - amazing people in the perfect setting.

That's my favorite.

And I am SO grateful for everyone who helps me tell one!

(And SPEAKING OF super-cool locations: I'm shooting at Niagara Falls today! YAY! See you guys when I get back!)

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