"Mommy, LOOK!"

The stares began as my clients and I walked into the aquarium. The double takes. The pointing. Little kids turned to watch us pass, jaws unhinged, tripping over their own feet. One child began pulling on her mother's arm, gasping "Mommy, LOOK!"

Finally, one girl sidled up to . She gaped, eyes as wide as the fish, unable to eek out a single word.

"Is there something you want to say?" asked her parent, grinning.

"...Can I have a picture?"

The Little Mermaid beamed, dropped to her knees, and gave her a hug.

Web ctgraphyCHI Little Mermaid (1 of 4).jpg

I got to spend all day shooting "Ariel" and "Eric" from The Little Mermaid. Everywhere we went, we brought smiles. It wasn't just children - adults got just as excited, exclaiming "That's my favorite movie!" and "Oh wow, wait until I tell my daughter!" We were invited to shoot with sharks and belugas, being told "Ariel, go join your people!"

Even international tourists from the Middle East and China asked for shots. ("I can't believe I found the Little Mermaid!")

Web ctgraphyCHI Little Mermaid (4 of 4).jpg

This is one of the great joys of costuming - Being able to bring something to life. Even for a few hours, even for just one hug and one shot, this is something new and strange and fantastic. Guarantee all the aquarium visitors will be talking about this for years!

And you can't beat the smiles that come with that!

Ariel - Christy (PK Cosplay)
Eric - Amos (PK Cosplay)
Costumes by Christy (Deep Blue Costumes)
Makeup - Bird Brain FX
Assistants/ Sherpas/ People Made of Awesome - Eboni and Jessie

to the Shedd Aquarium and Staff for being AMAZING and patient!

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