So, you want to book a shoot? 3 things to know!

WARNING! Psychic Dolphins ahead! (No fooling!)

So you've seen the photos. Now you want some of your own? Neat!
Before you jump in, here's 3 things to know!

  1. What do you want photos of?
    Your awesome family? Your neat pipe collection? Check your potential photographer’s gallery. Is it filled with laughing kids? Detailed product images? Headshots? Every photographer has their strengths.  (I kick ass at costume, but sports photography leaves me in the dust!)
  2. Book early.
    Photoshoot slots fill up fast for popular months and events! If the photographer’s calendar isn’t open yet, ask! (I have shoots book a YEAR in advance!)
  3. Beware "Too good to be true" pricing.
    Pricing is something everyone does differently. Photographers have rent to pay and cats to feed, just like you! It's certainly tempting to try that person on Craigslist who will shoot your wedding for $15 and cake!

    But ask yourself - Who is this person?
    Have they ever shot a wedding?
    How will they wrangle your family into a photo? What if they cut off Great Uncle Stan's head?
    Do they know how to edit photos?
    Deliver them?
    What does their contract say? Do they even have one?
    Will they turn around and sell your photos without your permission?
    Do they have the right equipment?
    How long until you can see the photos?
    What if they take the photos and then disappear for six months?!
    A year?!
    What if I never see them again?!?!?

    Phew! That's a lot of worry! Suddenly $15 doesn't look like such a good deal.

    Part of pricing is experience. The right photographer will make you feel excited and comfortable, not worried! They'll get you scheduled and answer your questions. They can show you their history of happy clients who got exactly what they wanted! They are investing in you as much as you are in them. Also, by booking them, you are helping them grow. Which means more people can book, and get awesome memories of their own. And you helped!

So go forth and find the perfect fit for you!

And if you want to book with me, click here!

BONUS TIP - Avoid Craigslist. I’m sure you have the best of intentions, but when your request is listed with ads like

“Free crappy violin case” and “Psychic dolphin telecommunication”

no one’s going to be able to dig it out!

(Or they will get distracted by the Psychic Dolphin. Ooooooooh...!) accessed 3/25/15