3 new ways to use your photos!


Congratulations! Your photoshoot is complete! Everything is bright, shiny, and you're just over the moon. Of course you've shared them on Facebook, Tumblr, all your favorite places. But why stop there? What about something crazy - What about prints?

That's right - PRINTS. Like on ACTUAL PAPER.

I know, I know. This is the digital age, the world of screens and pixels and Flickr. And yet I still love prints. My latest batch came from MPIX, and I might have done a happy little dance. There's nothing like cracking open that envelope, spilling the images into your hands. Somehow, the photos just seem more real.

And what do I do with them?

Here's 3 ways to use your photos - and get even more out of your photoshoot!

The day has come... Interview Day! The one shot to make your BEST impression. You've got your teeth brushed (right?), outfit ironed, extra copies of your résumé... but do you have your portfolio? And has it been updated in the last year? No? Uh oh...

Portfolios are places to display your blood, sweat, and soul. These aren't JUST for artists. They're also for students, grads, artists, models, model builders, commissioners, prop-makers, seamstresses, freelancers... If you make it, you should have great photos of it!

Professors, potential clients, potential employers - they are looking for the best. Having high-quality images of your work makes a lasting impact.

(As for remembering to brush your teeth, you're on your own!)


Auditioning  - what a tough business! Whether it's for a play or a convention masquerade, judging gets more competitive every year. Once you're out of the room, you want the judges to remember you. A photo goes a long way!

And now, my VERY FAVORITE:


Walking into my room and seeing MY work on the walls makes me feel quite proud. (You know, once I actually GOT them hung up... after five months... *whistles innocently*)

Fact is, we all have places to live. But to make where you live your home, invest some love and personality! Celebrate your accomplishments! When you return after a long day, having nice, framed photos of something you're passionate about is a great welcome and pick-me-up.

It sure beats that five-year-old poster you've had since middle school... not that I'm going to admit to anything like THAT... *whistles some more*

Bonus: Photos give your guests something fun to talk about!

There you go! 3 reasons to get your photos OFF the screen and INTO the real world!

If anyone has other ideas, I'd love to hear them! What extra things do you do with your photos?

ALSO - If you need prints from your shoots with me, here's the print shop!